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Ranked Choice Voting beer election

Yesterday, I wrote to my state Senator, advocating for Ranked Choice Voting. Today, I attended a mock election held by Voter Choice Massachusetts and heard their latest pitch. (We voted on beer at brewery, naturally.) A key talking point: Maine’s 2nd Congressional District. Maine enacted ranked choice voting a year ago and it’s already had [...]

Ranked Choice voting advocacy

I’ve become a supporter of ranked choice voting, the system under which you vote for your top choice, as usual, along with your #2, #3, etc. If no one gets a majority, the bottom vote getter is eliminated and his or her #2 votes get added to the tally. And so on, until someone gets [...]

Ranked Choice Voting educational vlogs

I first wrote about ranked choice voting last May. It’s a simple change to how voting gets tabulated, to allow voters to rank their choices instead of picking just one. Maine has passed a resolution to use it for state-wide elections, although I think that’s tied up in the courts right now. Today, I supported an [...]

Voter Choice Education Fund

I’ve supported ranked choice voting a few times now. The opportunity to reform elections to ensure they better represent the will of the people is powerful. And apparently it’s gaining some momentum. According to Voter Choice Massachusetts, 82 state legislators have signed on to a proposed ranked choice voting bill. Today, I made a donation [...]

Voter Choice Massachusetts

Back in May, I went to a Beer Election, in which we learned how ranked choice voting works. As I explained back then: Ranked choice voting is a simple fix, in which you vote for your top choice, as usual, along with your #2, #3, etc. If no one gets a majority, the bottom vote [...]

Unrig Summit, day two

Today, I attended day two of the Unrig Summit in Nashville. It was a long day of sessions, running into the night. There was a great morning plenary featuring six people who led successful campaigns to stop gerrymandering in Michigan and Utah, re-enfranchise Floridians, close the revolving door between lawmakers and lobbyists in Missouri, pass [...]

Unrig Summit day one

Today, I attended the first day of the Unrig Summit, in Nashville. Unrig is hosted by Represent.US, which is an advocacy organization pushing a bi-partisan platform of fair voting (think ranked choice voting), getting dark money out of politics, and ending gerrymandering. Here’s Jennifer Lawrence describing that platform.

Daring Democracy

Democracy in America is fragile at the moment, and the cracks in our political systems are growing obvious to all. Today, I went to a talk by Frances Moore Lappé and Adam Eichen, authors of a book called Daring Democracy. They offer a critique of moneyed interests in politics, which was rather ho-hum. But they [...]

The Beer Election

Breaking news: out electoral system is broken. Okay, maybe that’s old news. Today, I went to an event hosted by Ranked Choice Voting Massachusetts. They recognise that everyone has at least one important issue that they advocate for, maybe inequality or environment, for example. But at the end of the day, it comes down to [...]

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