Wellfleet Shellfish Promotion and Tasting

I love oysters. Here I am vacationing on Cape Cod, which once had one of the world's great oyster beds. A non-profit called Shellfish Promotion and Tasting, Inc. (SPAT) runs tours of oyster farms but the tours are sold out this week, unfortunately. SPAT also runs Wellfleet’s OysterFest, and helps to sustain Wellfleet’s shellfishing and … Continue reading Wellfleet Shellfish Promotion and Tasting

Denounce White Supremacy

This weekend is the one-year anniversary of the violent Charlottesville rally. Another "Unite the Right" rally is planned for tomorrow, promoting the same white supremacist ideology. Today, I signed a petition organized by the NAACP Legal Defense Fund to demand that Congress denounce the event and take concrete action to fight white supremacy.

Debate: Capuano versus Pressley

  I live in the Massachusetts Seventh Congressional District. Since 1998, Mike Capuano has represented the district in Washington (if you include the redistricting in 2013). He has has been member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus from its early days, and has a reputation as a hard-nosed negotiator and staunch advocate. He's learned how to deliver for … Continue reading Debate: Capuano versus Pressley