Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence is battering the Carolinas and beyond right now. The rain continues and floodwaters are still rising so there's more misery and tragedy to come. Today, I made a donation to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Florence relief. It was my first use of text donations, for what it's worth, through T Mobile.

Passive houses and net-zero buildings

Today, I did some deeper research in understanding how municipal policy can best support net-zero energy buildings. Net-zero buildings are basically an approach that aims to drive energy efficiency as high as possible (for example, through Passive House standards), and then ensuring that remaining energy is consumed without emissions, either through on-site or off-site renewables … Continue reading Passive houses and net-zero buildings

Climate Coalition of Somerville monthly meeting

Today, I attended the monthly meeting of the Climate Coalition of Somerville. We had a great meeting this month, with a special guest, Carol Oldham from the Massachusetts Climate Action Network, of which we're a member. We got excellent validation of our efforts from Carol, and learned a ton about how other organizations operate as … Continue reading Climate Coalition of Somerville monthly meeting