The Register of Copyrights

The Register of Copyrights has two jobs: registering copyrightable works and providing information on copyright law to the government. The office is situated in Congress, not in the Executive Branch. Yet, there is pending legislation that would make the position of the Register of Copyrights subject to presidential appointment and Senate confirmation, as opposed to an … Continue reading The Register of Copyrights

Ranked Choice Voting beer election

Yesterday, I wrote to my state Senator, advocating for Ranked Choice Voting. Today, I attended a mock election held by Voter Choice Massachusetts and heard their latest pitch. (We voted on beer at brewery, naturally.) A key talking point: Maine's 2nd Congressional District. Maine enacted ranked choice voting a year ago and it's already had … Continue reading Ranked Choice Voting beer election


Today, I made a recurring donation to Indivisible Somerville, through an ActBlue page setup by the national Indivisible organization. Seems like an oversight that I hadn't started this donation sooner. The organization runs lean but it still needs a little bit of capital. And it was helpful to see the financials at our meeting last … Continue reading Indivisible