Conscious conversation on culture

Many in business know there’s truth behind the old maxim that “culture trumps strategy.” But few leaders know how to put it in practice. 

Today, I helped to facilitate a Conscious Capitalism Boston chapter discussion on culture. We had two speakers, the founders of Boloco and Next Jump, who each told stories of how important culture is to their organizations, and how intentional they are in orchestrating that culture. But the best part of our format is the small group discussions. We had our 50 attendees break into four groups and had small discussions about culture in their organizations, large and small. Wow. Great candor and interesting ideas. The best thing is to get feedback from people who told us they were going to take these ideas to work the next day. That’s why we are doing these meetings, so it was great to hear.

[Edit: Sorry I didn’t get this posted on the correct day. The event was September 12.]

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