Voter Choice Massachusetts

Back in May, I went to a Beer Election, in which we learned how ranked choice voting works. As I explained back then:

Ranked choice voting is a simple fix, in which you vote for your top choice, as usual, along with your #2, #3, etc. If no one gets a majority, the bottom vote getter is eliminated and his or her #2 votes get added to the tally. And so on, until someone gets a majority. And it’s not a pipe dream. A number of cities across the country use it. And Maine just passed a resolution to use it for state-wide elections. 

Voter Choice Massachusetts is continuing to build momentum behind a campaign to change elections in the state. Today, I supported Voter Choice Massachusetts in a small way. A donor has offered to match every new Facebook like for Voter Choice Massachusetts with a $1, through August 31. So I went ahead and liked Voter Choice Massachusetts.

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