The Climate Store

I try to shop responsibly, seeking out products that fit my needs based on more than just price. I factor in what I can about the sustainability of the product, including the material and carbon footprint of its manufacture, distribution, consumption (by me) and disposal (also by me). And I factor in the behavior of the company or companies that created and sold the product, as well.

That’s a lot to factor in. Which is why a retailer that I could trust to do all of that factoring for me would be valuable. Enter the Climate Store, which has “hundreds of climate friendly products, reviewed for impact so you won’t have too.” To be sure, hundreds of products isn’t really a lot for an online vendor.

Today, I made a small purchase, of rechargeable batteries, from the Climate Store. The batteries will come in very handy; I’ll test them in my mouse, which I use every day and need to replace the batteries every month. But another reason I made the purchase was to test the shopping and service experience. The Climate Store is currently raising equity capital on WeFunder, and I’m considering a small (okay, miniscule) stake, if the experience is a good one.

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