Kathryn Allen for Congress

Today, for the first time during this project, I made a donation to a political candidate. It was for Kathryn Allen, who is running for Utah’s 3rd Congressional District. She has some high profile support, well, if you still count Rosie O’Donnell as high profile.

Dr. Allen is a Democrat and a doctor, which is part of her appeal. She’s also running for Jason Chaffetz’s seat. Chaffetz is of course the House Oversight Committee chair, who seems to be refusing to conduct any oversight of the president. He could at least pretend to be doing his job, right? I suppose good for him for recognizing his own hypocrisy and deciding not to run again if he won’t do his job, and potentially even deciding to step down early. I have the sense that Dr. Allen would do her job, regardless of what party were in control of the executive branch.


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