Anti-recidivism — and Wonder Woman

The Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC)┬áserves more than 450 formerly incarcerated men and women, who commit to living crime-free, gang-free and drug-free; enrolling in school, working, or actively searching for work; and being of service to their community. The majority of ARC members live in Los Angeles County. Today, I made a donation to ARC. And with … Continue reading Anti-recidivism — and Wonder Woman

Meet and greet with district attorney candidate Donna Patalano

The ACLU in Massachusetts is in the midst of a eye-opening campaign to raise the profile district attorney races. "What a difference a DA makes," says the ACLU -- and I'm convinced. They have an enormously wide amount of prosecutorial discretion that sets the tone for social justice in a county. Today, I went to … Continue reading Meet and greet with district attorney candidate Donna Patalano

Buy Nothing Somerville “sprout” planning

The Buy Nothing Somerville community is nearly four times larger than when I started as co-moderator, about 13 months ago. It's reached an unsustainable point so we've begun discussions on how to "sprout" the community into smaller and more sustainable groups. It's going to take a lot of work. Today, my co-moderator and I worked … Continue reading Buy Nothing Somerville “sprout” planning