Starting a Somerville sustainability forum

A few folks in Somerville have been talking about starting a sustainability forum, so neighbors can share thoughts and suggestions about their sustainability journeys. We couldn't decide on a platform though. Facebook? Google Group? Dreamwidth? Reddit? Nothing seems ideally suited. So we've decide to try a couple different ideas and see where they go. Today, … Continue reading Starting a Somerville sustainability forum

The Global Climate Refugee and Migration Crisis

Too often, climate change is associated with the direct effects of natural disasters. But the effects of a changing climate are disruptive in many other ways, such as public health and food systems. These disruptions have devastating effects on population centers. Today, I attended a webinar on the "Global Climate Refugee and Migration Crisis," which … Continue reading The Global Climate Refugee and Migration Crisis

Build Bridges Not Walls

Today, I attended another rally opposing the manufactured narrative of a "national emergency" in order to secure funding to build a border wall. This one, hosted by Somerville's Welcome Project, was in my neighborhood. Our Mayor spoke, as well as our state representatives, and our newly elected representative in Congress, Ayanna Pressley.