Operation Underground Railroad

I gave to Operation Underground Railroad last year, to help combat child sex trafficking. It's a powerful story: Operation Underground Railroad has rescued 1,500 victims and assisted in the arrests of over 570 traffickers around the world in just four years. They send ex-special forces to coordinate operations with local enforcement, and they travel around the world … Continue reading Operation Underground Railroad

Boston RISE for Climate, Jobs, Immigrant Rights & Justice

Today, I attended the Boston RISE for Climate, Jobs, Immigrant Rights & Justice rally, in East Boston. The objectives were two-fold: 1. To protest the proposed Eversource electric substation that threatens the low-income neighborhood, and 2) To build connections across social and environmental justice movements. So a coalition of over 20 faith, labor, racial justice, immigrant rights, … Continue reading Boston RISE for Climate, Jobs, Immigrant Rights & Justice

Crowd Lobby and an Act to Promote a Clean Energy Future

I supported a Kickstarter initiative two months ago called Crowd Lobby, whose intent is to crowdsource ideas and the hire lobbyists to push for them. They recently put out a call for ideas from their supporters. Today, I sent them details on the current state of the Massachusetts Act to Promote a Clean Energy Future. … Continue reading Crowd Lobby and an Act to Promote a Clean Energy Future

Edwins Leadership and Restaurant Institute

Last year, I saw the Oscar nominated documentary called Knife Skills. It's about Edwins, a French restaurant in Cleveland. But it's not an extraordinary story because the restaurant is French. It's extraordinary because everyone who works there was formerly incarcerated and recruited to go through Edwins re-entry program. It's a movie about training and leadership … Continue reading Edwins Leadership and Restaurant Institute

Primary election

The Tuesday after a holiday weekend is an awkward day for an election, but that's Massachusetts for you. Today, I voted in our statewide primary. There are at least three races that I'm particularly interested in: the Democratic candidate for Governor (Massie vs. Gonzalez), the intriguing Democratic congressional race between Mike Capuano and Ayanna Pressley, … Continue reading Primary election

East Boston environmental justice

The Eversource utility is seeking to build a new electrical substation in East Boston, dangerously close to the flood-prone Chelsea Creek, next to 8 million gallons of jet fuel. This is of course a majority Latino immigrant community; a very typical environmental justice problem is the siting of dangerous facilities in the midst of low-income and vulnerable … Continue reading East Boston environmental justice