Kiva loan to Susan in St. Paul Minnesota

Yesterday was International Women's Day. We completed some work for clients around a few campaigns related to achieving gender parity in business, but not a personal civic act to honor International Women's Day. Today, I made a Kiva loan to Susan in St. Paul, Minnesota. Susan is a female entrepreneur, running a business called Mademoiselle Miel, … Continue reading Kiva loan to Susan in St. Paul Minnesota

Boston Cooperative Investment Club

Cooperative businesses are jointly owned and democratically operated businesses. They include worker cooperatives owned and managed by the people who work there, housing cooperatives that are managed by the people who live there, and lots of others. They're interesting ideas and there are places where they have really taken off, to get great effect, notably in Jackson, … Continue reading Boston Cooperative Investment Club

Meetings meetings

I've gotten deeply involved in voluntarism and activism with two organizations: Indivisible Somerville and Conscious Capitalism's Boston chapter. Today, I led meetings for both, to plan activities for the coming weeks. The good news is that we're pretty good at not over-scheduling our activities for both organizations. So hopefully this'll be sustainable.