One-year anniversary for Indivisible Somerville

Today, I attended a one-year anniversary celebration for Indivisible Somerville. But this was no party. It was a great opportunity to meet the growing number of IS activists. And there were four speakers: Charu Verma, Board Member of ACLU Massachusetts and Muslim Justice League Ian Danskin, creator of the "The Alt-Right Playbook," a YouTube investigative … Continue reading One-year anniversary for Indivisible Somerville

Pushing climate legislation with Senator Jamie Eldridge

Schoolhouse Rock made it sound easy. But the reality is that the legislative process is messy and complicated, and very much a black box that it hard to understand, much less influence. Today, I sat in a meeting organized by Mass. Power Forward, along with Indivisible Acton, Elders for Climate Action and a few others … Continue reading Pushing climate legislation with Senator Jamie Eldridge

The homeless in Boston and…Ai Weiwei?

Spare Change News is carving out a niche as a newspaper with unique coverage of inequality, homelessness, culture and resistance. It's also written, designed published and distributed by currently or formerly homeless, or otherwise low-income individuals. It's been almost a year since I last bought a Spare Change News paper, for some reason. Sorry about that. Today, … Continue reading The homeless in Boston and…Ai Weiwei?