Climate Resilience on the Mystic River

The Mystic River Watershed covers 76 square miles and runs through a critical part of Somerville, near the Amelia Earhart dam. A portion of Somerville's climate vulnerability stems from its exposure to flooding associated with that dam -- not from overtopping, but rather from rising waters being forced around the dam into the neighborhoods of … Continue reading Climate Resilience on the Mystic River

Discussing Social & Community Innovation

When you think of innovative startups, what usually comes to mind is hoodie-wearing Millennials solving problems they see in the world. Often those "problems" seem trivial as this tweet lampooned three years ago. But some innovators are focusing on social outcomes -- and by "social" I mean for the benefit of the community, not … Continue reading Discussing Social & Community Innovation

Gubernatorial debate – for the environment

It's an election year for the Massachusetts governor's office. The incumbent, Charlie Baker, is not well regarded for his accomplishments, mostly because he doesn't seem to have any. That's particularly true on the environment, which should have been a no-brainer with broad support to act on climate mitigation and adaptation. Today, I went to debate … Continue reading Gubernatorial debate – for the environment

Postcards for 1% for the Environment

Two days ago, I sent a note to my Massachusetts State House representative, asking her to support an amendment to restore the state's spending on environmental agencies. Today, I brought that activity to an Indivisible Somerville new member orientation meeting. Everyone who attended wrote letters to their representatives supporting the budget amendment.

A community space for baking: Elmendorf Baking Supplies

I'm not much into baking. But I do like the idea of retail spaces that serve as community hubs for food. And those hubs can increasingly be specialized. Today, I supported the startup Elmendorf Baking Supplies start-up on Kickstarter. They hope to open a baking supplies retail and community space in Cambridge and they tell … Continue reading A community space for baking: Elmendorf Baking Supplies