Net neutrality petition

Last July, I submitted comments to the FCC in defense of net neutrality, the basic principle that internet service providers should not be able to give priority access to some internet traffic over others. As I wrote at the time, “prioritizing, say, streaming video packets over reddit comments might seem innocuous, it in effect grants ISPs the ability to make their own decisions over what content gets prioritized. And those decisions can be colored by politics and money. Net neutrality is a means to maintain equal access.”

Well, the FCC ignored public sentiment and went ahead and repealed the net neutrality ban last December. States are fighting back. And the Senate has 50 members currently siding against the repeal. Just one more member needs to be convinced of the importance of net neutrality.

Today, I signed a petition, in hopes that the weight of public sentiment would help convince that one Senator to support an open internet.

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