New Kiva loan

I’ve played around on Kiva, making five loans to micro businesses. My results had been mixed: one of the loans, to a farmer in Cameroon, became delinquent pretty quickly. However, today I got word that the farmer just paid back the loan, in full! Encouraged by his responsibility, today I made another Kiva loan, this time to a dairy farm in Newburg, Pennsylvania (population 336).

2 thoughts on “New Kiva loan

  1. I’ve been curious about Kiva for years. I didn’t realize you could invest in US-based micro-preneurs (is that a word?) as well as non-US. Do you have several loans out at once, or are you reinvesting as a previous one gets paid down?


    • I have several loans open at once. I expect, over time, to have a portfolio of 10 or so. You can pick loans by location or by theme. It’s rewarding emotionally (though not financially) to have the principal paid back.


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