Boston #StandsWithImmigrants

Twenty percent of Massachusetts entrepreneurs are foreign-born and they collectively employ nearly 135,000 workers, according to a study by New American Economy. Immigrants also account for significant portions of entire job categories in Massachusetts: housekeepers (65%), medical scientists (59%), head chefs (44%), software developers (35%), doctors and surgeons (34%), and manufacturing workers (34%), according to the most recent census data. Their role in shaping the region’s culture is equally important.

Today, I donated to another crowdfunding project, this one called Boston #StandsWithImmigrants on Indiegogo. Here’s what the project creators say about it:

Boston #StandsWithImmigrants is a public art project emblazoning our city with the faces of immigrants, highlighting their contributions and showing the world we stand with them in solidarity. We believe the installations are a beautiful and dignified response to an intensifying climate of fear and exclusion – one that will encourage conversation, reassure the world of our humanity, raise public consciousness and help move the needle at a policy level.

But that description doesn’t do the project justice. Check out the video instead.


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