Conscious Conversation on engaging stakeholders

Engaging stakeholders, as opposed to solely shareholders, is a means to balance decision-making consideration among the different parties who benefit from an organization's success. Customers, suppliers, employees are just as important, if not more so, than investors. So, too, should community and ecosystem needs be considered. Today, I participated again in our Conscious Capitalism Boston … Continue reading Conscious Conversation on engaging stakeholders

Bob Massie, candidate for Governor

Indivisible Somerville is hosting a series of meetup conversations with the candidates for Massachusetts governor in next year's election. Well, the Democratic candidates anyway. Today, I went to the evening event to meet Bob Massie. Massie has a diverse and accomplished past. He was a key actor in the apartheid activism in the 1980s and went … Continue reading Bob Massie, candidate for Governor

Boston #StandsWithImmigrants

Twenty percent of Massachusetts entrepreneurs are foreign-born and they collectively employ nearly 135,000 workers, according to a study by New American Economy. Immigrants also account for significant portions of entire job categories in Massachusetts: housekeepers (65%), medical scientists (59%), head chefs (44%), software developers (35%), doctors and surgeons (34%), and manufacturing workers (34%), according to … Continue reading Boston #StandsWithImmigrants

iRatify the Paris Agreement

#ImStillIn is a rallying cry for Americans concerned about the federal government's retreat from its climate obligations under the United Nation's Paris Agreement in 2015. The enterprising team at Greenometry has come up with the iRatify campaign, to allow individuals, small businesses, schools, clubs or any other group to "ratify" the agreement on their own. Basically, the … Continue reading iRatify the Paris Agreement

Letter to the Massachusetts DoT about RGGI

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative coordinates Eastern states from Maryland to Maine on a cap-and-trade program for carbon emissions in the power sector. It's considered a success, contributing to a decline in electricity-related emissions in the participating states without affecting the local economies. The nine participating states recently announced intentions to more aggressively lower the … Continue reading Letter to the Massachusetts DoT about RGGI

Final Factual Democracy Project call of the year

Today, I listed in on the final Factual Democracy Project conference call of this series.  This time, they covered: The effects of sustained disinformation campaigns on a population over a sustained period. As Americans learn more about how their social media is being manipulated by Russia and other hostile actors, this call will focus on … Continue reading Final Factual Democracy Project call of the year