Community Cooks

There are many human services agencies out there, all trying to support vulnerable, at-risk populations. From domestic violence shelters to homeless agencies to transitional housing to foster care to addiction services, they all do great work. And they all need one support.

One support service is Community Cooks, which is an agency that partners with human services agencies and connects them with people who can provide a key resource: food. (Bet you thought I was going to say “money.”) Volunteers get together in teams to make home cooked meals, which are then distributed by Community Cooks to human services agencies. Today, I cooked succotash for 20 people, to be distributed by Community Cooks tomorrow, as part of a Workbar team. We’ll be doing this monthly, and we’ll be rotating dishes, so perhaps next time it’ll be a pasta or a salad for me to prepare. I have admit, I sampled the succotash and it was awesome.

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