National Association of Rail Passengers

Trains get a bad rap in the United States. In many parts of the world, they’re the most effective means of inter-city transportation, and they’re well regarded by the population. In the US, by contrast, they’re an ugly step-child of transit. As a result, Amtrak, the quasi-national inter-city rail service operator, perennially struggles from a financial standpoint. Funding from Congress is a constant battle, partly because ridership is very uneven across the country.

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For me, rail is important. It’s a comfortable way to travel and it’s better from an emissions standpoint than driving or air travel. Much better. Luckily, in Boston, the rail service to New York is great.

Today, I signed up for a membership with the National Association of Rail Professionals, which is an organization advocating for a world class train system in the US. H/t to Mike for letting me know about the Amtrak discount and bonus mileage deal, which expires August 31 for an added bonus.



5 thoughts on “National Association of Rail Passengers

  1. Woohoo! I would love to see improvements in rail in this country. I like to use it when I can, and the San Diego to Los Angeles route is not only a picturesque one along the coastline, but a convenient, fairly comfortable and affordable way to travel whenever we need to head north. So much of the US could be better served with faster and more efficient train access (or any train access for that matter).

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