Asian Americans against white supremacy

From the Chinese Exclusion Act to the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, white supremacy and nativism is deeply intertwined with the Asian American experience. It was palpable even growing up in a middle-class suburb of the Northeast. Which makes reading about the modern day neo-Nazi march through Charlottesville this past weekend very personal for me.

Today, I pledged support with this Asian Americans Advancing Justice call to action:

We call on all Asian Americans to join us in defending our vision of democracy – one where we protect the vulnerable amongst us, resist efforts to erode our hard-won rights and protections, and fight to advance progress for all marginalized communities. We pledge to challenge rising hate, to fight the President’s Muslim bans, to oppose the RAISE Act and the gutting of affirmative action, to fight deportations and defend DACA, to champion health care for all, and to ensure all voters can cast their ballots. We cannot do this alone, and we will be calling upon you to join us on the streets, in legislative chambers, and on the steps of the courts to stand up for our democracy.

They can count on me.

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