Climate coalition Somerville

So I’ve written about a coalition of climate change activist groups in Somerville, bringing together Fossil Free Somerville, Mothers Out Front, Somerville Climate Action, Our Revolution and Indivisible Somerville, among others.

Today, I went to a monthly meeting for the coalition, representing Indivisible Somerville. Wouldn’t you know one of the items on the agenda was to come up with a name for our loose coalition. I guess you could call it a rebranding, from Somerville Climate Coalition to Climate Coalition Somerville.

Okay, so that was really a postscript to the agenda. It was a pretty busy meeting overall. And Bob Massie was there to contribute. Bob is a former Executive Director for Ceres and co-founder of Global Reporting Initiative, two important climate change organizations, among other things. He’s also running for Governor of Massachusetts in 2018. It was nice to have his input on a few things, although he’s clearly also in campaign mode.

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