Nstar and the Clean Power Plan

The federal government’s Clean Power Plan – which would require power providers to shift their electricity sources toward renewable energy – is under threat. But that doesn’t mean power providers can’t be convinced to act. Indeed, 10 companies, which together control about 10% of the nation’s total, filed a brief in support the Clean Power Plan.

My power provider, Nstar Electric was not among them. Today, I sent a letter to Nstar urging the company to support the Clean Power Plan. This was through this simple campaign, organized by the Climate Reality Project and EDF. I concluded:

I urge NSTAR Electric Company to seize this moment and invest in programs that offer us, your customers, cleaner, more efficient energy choices. I also encourage you to oppose and speak out against any rollback of the Clean Power Plan, and to commit publicly to meeting and going beyond the Clean Power Plan pollution targets. This is a time for bold leadership, and I hope you will take steps to empower your customers to choose clean energy.

One thought on “Nstar and the Clean Power Plan

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