An Inconvenient Sequel

Last night, I took a group to see a sneak peek of An Inconvenient Sequel, thanks to the Independent Film Festival of Boston. Festival Director Brian Tamm gave a great introduction, highlighting the importance of the arts in illuminating the great challenges and social issues of our time. And the film-makers were present, with a Q&A afterward.

I had a group of about 10 people with me, including a few fellow Climate Reality Leaders, including one who trained at the original Climate Reality training in Al Gore’s barn in, I think, 2006! Another trained last year in Houston, while she was a high school junior. The group piqued the interest of a few other friends who might be interested in attending the training. Today, I followed by thanking the group that attended and continuing some conversations, particularly with a couple of Climate Reality Leaders in Metrowest. And I began to plot a few next steps for own climate leadership.

Oh, and the movie. There’s scene in the movie that over-dramatizes Al Gore’s role in the Paris agreement, creating a potentially undeserved villain along the way. But overall, it was great!

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