Today, I made a donation to a GoFundMe campaign for dysautonomia. The daughter of a high school classmate was diagnosed with the disease recently, and is currently at the Mayo Clinic undergoing more tests. There are expenses for the trip from Florida to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, and she will likely need a service … Continue reading Dysautonomia

Kiva loan – Cameroon farmer

Today, I made a Kiva loan to a farmer in Cameroon. Thomas needs a loan to buy fertilizer, seeds and insecticide for his corn, potatoes and peanuts. I'm happy to help him out. The loan is also a short-term loan, which is good for me to get a better sense of how Kiva works.

Indivisible Somerville environment meeting

Today, I went to the weekly meeting of Indivisible Somerville's energy and environment lab. Good organizing meeting with action items to follow up on, regarding three bills in the state legislature and how to push them forward. We also discussed getting Somerville businesses into 100% renewable energy, which I'm going to push forward on.