Georgia Sixth Congressional District

There’s a special election coming up in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District (vacated when Tom Price became Secretary of Health and Human Services) and the entire country is paying attention. “Money and volunteers are pouring into the district,” wrote the Boston Globe. Indeed, Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff has raised $15 million – with over 96% coming from outside of Georgia!

The New York Times describes Ossoff as such: “At 30, he has an underwhelming résumé and occasionally callow air.” And yet Democrats around the country have put their hopes in him, not only to turn one seat blue, but also to send a message to moderate Republicans who are up for re-election in 2018. He certainly doesn’t fit the mold of the Democratic base and I am perfectly fine with that.

Today, I donated through CrowdPac not to Ossoff’s campaign directly, but rather to My Ride to Vote. My Ride to Vote is funding free roundtrip rides to the polls for the runoff election. Here’s what the campaign says: “Our mission is to provide rides to the polls on Election Day to traditionally underrepresented voters who wouldn’t be able to vote without a ride. These voters are the voices who have been systematically silenced in Georgia and in the halls of power.”

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