The legacy of Vincent Chin

Thirty-five years ago yesterday, Vincent Chin was murdered in Detroit, at his own bachelor party. His killers were white American autoworkers who hunted him down outside a bar and yelled, "It's because of you <bleep> that we're out of work." He was Chinese, not Japanese, as if that should have mattered. What does matter … Continue reading The legacy of Vincent Chin

Climate Diplomacy Week

This week is Climate Diplomacy Week, an annual occasion during which there are convenings around the world to discuss the importance of including climate considerations in foreign and defense policy. Because climate isn't an issue for EPA and environmental ministries; it's a diplomatic and security matter. While I highlight Climate Diplomacy Week, there actually … Continue reading Climate Diplomacy Week

Thunderclap for Planned Parenthood

I've written before about Planned Parenthood, the $1.3 billion non-profit that provides reproductive health services as well as primary care. Recent legislative moves have put into doubt access to primary healthcare for 2.4 million Planned Parenthood patients. That's larger than the population of 15 states, including New Mexico, Nebraska, West Virginia and Maine. Today, I … Continue reading Thunderclap for Planned Parenthood