Committing to the Paris Agreement

The Administration has stated its intent to “decide” about its commitment to the Paris climate agreement this week. Who has the biggest influence in the decision?As Indivisible Somerville points out, it might be the business leaders who have the President’s ear and who have publicly supported the accord. People like Jeff Immelt, Tim Cook and Elon Musk, for example. So Indivisible Somerville put out a call to action:

Let’s do it somewhere we know the president spends a lot of time: on Twitter. While efforts on social media may not pack the same punch as direct actions, they can, when done en masse, be an influencing factor. It’s also the fastest and most efficient way to reach out to these CEO directly, and offers a way for people to engage who might not feel comfortable making a call or sending an email. 

It’s worth a shot.


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