Massachusetts Cultural Council budget vote

Last month, I wrote about pressures on public funding for the arts. The Massachusetts House Ways and Means Committee’s had recommended a 28% cut to Massachusetts Cultural Council budget to 10 million, down from $14 million last year. Fast forward to last week. The Massachusetts Senate passed a budget that included an investment in the Massachusetts … Continue reading Massachusetts Cultural Council budget vote

Porter Square Books and volunteerism

Back in March, I wrote about a bookstore coming to the Bronx. Independent bookstores "are viable businesses and important community hubs," I wrote. Case in point is our local bookstore, Porter Square Books, which has become a neighborhood institution, a constant hub of community activity. So it wasn't a surprise when the store announced its "Be … Continue reading Porter Square Books and volunteerism

Buy Nothing training

I raised my hand to be a Buy Nothing Somerville moderator two days. Today, I read their organizational background and training material. I'm told the group is well over 1,000 people so that's quite the group, although the most active members account for the vast majority of the posts. Looking forward to getting started.