Giving and volunteerism are two distinct forms of civic engagement. Through this project, to date, I’ve done more for the former than the latter. But volunteerism is important, too. One research effort concluded that:

Greater volunteering is most strongly promoted by community ties and increased giving is best explained by personal resources and helping values. As a result … giving and volunteering represent distinct means of engagement and the potential substitution of money for time in formal helping has important implications for the civic life.

Today, I took three steps toward more volunteerism. First, I signed up for a training with the Mystic River Watershed Association to join their volunteer corps for specific projects. Second, I signed up for an orientation with Boston Cares, which helps facilitate volunteerism and places volunteers for different projects. Third, I’m helping to arrange a group volunteer opportunity for members of my coworking office, Workbar. There’s more to come on all three tracks as they proceed.

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