Boston Globe grant program

The Boston Globe isn’t just the area’s local newspaper, it’s a civic institution that participates in so many ways to civic life in the Greater Boston area.

Case in point is its GRANT program, through which it lets subscribers choose donation recipients from the Globe Foundation. In its own words:

All subscribers receive vouchers for varying amounts of GRANT dollars. Amounts are based on subscription tenure; the longer a subscriber has been with us, the higher their voucher amount will be. Vouchers can then be submitted on behalf of the subscriber’s favorite non-profit.

Way to tap into the crowd, Boston Globe. While high-profile institutions top the leaderboard – Planned Parenthood is currently in the lead with $43k pledged, and Mass Audobon is second with $23k – so far 2,139 non-profits have received a grant. Wow.

Today, I used my voucher as a subscriber to make a grant to the Brattle Film Foundation, on whose board I used to serve, because it’s an organization I really believe in. Thanks for keeping it reel, Brattle Theatre!

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