Refugee crisis

The Syrian crisis has made refugees a cause célèbre. And there’s good reason for that. The percentage of the world’s population displaced from their homes doubled since the crisis began, now approaching 1 in 100 persons. Think of it this way: how many friends do you have on Facebook? Now imagine that 1 out of 100 is a refugee. The number is too high to bear.

Today, I donated to the International Rescue Committee. Believe it or not, the IRC was founded in 1933 – by Albert Einstein, no less! The IRC has first-responder programs, as well as programs to help with resettlement efforts and numerous other humanitarian aid initiatives. It’s an incredibly important program; the reality is that, while individual crises ebb and flow, the presence of refugee crises has been a constant.


I gave in response to a plea from a friend, incidentally, who decided to use her birthday (it’s a big number, but I won’t give it away) as a platform to raise money for the IRC. If you, too, feel that no one should have to live like refugee, not even refugees, then consider making a donation here.

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