Super Bowl Sunday

I haven’t taken a day off yet, and Super Bowl Sunday will be no exception. What to do on a day that’s often devoted to escapism through sports? Here’s an idea I came across yesterday. Some fans of the Patriots feel conflicted by the political leanings and friendships of the leaders of the team – notably Tom Brady and Bill Belichek. One writer, Josh Gondelman, decided he’d ease his soul by linking donations to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund to the Patriots success. For every touchdown scored by New England, he’ll donate $100; for every field goal $50. With the hashtag #AGoodGame, the idea is trending on Twitter.

For the record, I happen to be a Giants fan, despite the fact that I live in Boston. Today, I pledged to donate $10 to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund for every touchdown scored by either team, and $5 for every field goal. It could be a high-scoring Super Bowl, with the over/under at 58 points right now. I’m taking the over.

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