Stay Angry

Yesterday's blog post - on racial profiling singling out Chinese - has me so riled up, I have to continue the momentum. Today, I donated to the Angry Asian Man subscriber drive. Who? Angry Asian Man is an Asian-American blogger who speaks truth to the Asian-American experience: The concerns I was raising were funny because … Continue reading Stay Angry

Racial profiling, with Chinese characteristics

Should US border control include scanning the social media accounts of inbound travelers - specifically of Chinese visitors? Crazy, right? Don't scoff at the possibility. Asian-Americans Advancing Justice put out a communique yesterday: "US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) just put forward a proposal to collect information from the private social media accounts of Chinese … Continue reading Racial profiling, with Chinese characteristics

Lawyers and muses

Apparently, human rights lawyers have their muses. A recent article in 1843 magazine details the fascinating partnership between Amal Clooney and Nadia Murad. Clooney is the dynamic human rights lawyer with a celebrity husband. Murad is a survivor of Islamic State's brutal slavers. She is also Clooney's client, but also her muse, as the article details. … Continue reading Lawyers and muses

Tracking hate crimes against Asian-Americans

According to FBI statistics, 3.3% of hate crimes in 2015 resulted from anti-Asian bias. Yet, as this NPR story tells it, Asian-Americans tend to "underreport hate incidents because they feel intimidated by law enforcement or are afraid of being seen as overly sensitive." And, generally speaking, "racially motivated incidents that are reported are often filed as generic offenses and … Continue reading Tracking hate crimes against Asian-Americans