Swamp Revolt training on non-violent action

A week ago, an organization called Swamp Revolt provided training to attendees of the Women's March in Washington on "nonviolence and active bystander intervention." This was not anarchists giving their Battle in Seattle advice for surviving tear gas and remaining anonymous. Rather, they sought to teach how to de-escalate hate speech and harassment in public … Continue reading Swamp Revolt training on non-violent action

Doomsday clock

Today, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moved its Doomsday Clock to 2.5 minutes to midnight. That means we're closer to a nuclear armageddon than we've been since 1959. I made a small donation to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. Here's hoping we can all turn back the clock.

Azimuth Climate Data Backup

There's a stranger-than-life, but actually very real, risk that the US government's climate data, from NASA and other agencies, could be scrubbed from government servers, just as all mentions of "climate change" were deleted from the White House website. Indeed, just today, the Administration banned the EPA from any communications, be it press release or social media. … Continue reading Azimuth Climate Data Backup

Isle of Dogs

I support the arts, in particular, cinema. I made donation today to the Film Foundation, which is dedicated to the restoration of film. Film - the physical medium - doesn't last forever. This important foundation is dedicated to preserving older films, maintaining the legacy of seminal filmmakers and making films available for exhibition. You can … Continue reading Isle of Dogs